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Saturday, 20 Apr 2024

System of voluntary certification HACCP-MEAT

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The system of voluntary certification HACCP-MEAT is developed by the State scientific institution the All-Russia scientific research institute of the meat industry of V.M.Gorbatov of the Russian academy of agricultural sciences.

The system HACCP-MEAT is registered in Rosstandartof Russia.

Quality management has got now wide prevalence in the world and became means of successful business. The control system of quality occupies one of the major places in management of the organization, along with management of the finance, manufacture, supply, the personnel and so forth

The most comprehensible form of the system approach to safety of manufacture of foodstuff is the control system on the basis of principles of HACCP as it does an emphasis directly on process control for the purpose of safety and quality of production. System HACCP (HACCP-Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points), Russian equivalent – the Analysis of Risks and Critical Control Points, is good model for quality management and safety of production at the food enterprises, successfully applied in the majority economically developed countries of the world.

Principles of HASSP are included in various standard documents, including in standards:
- ГОСТРИСО 22000 «Systems of safety of foodstuff. Requirements»;
- IFS (International Food Standard);
- Instructions of EU and in programs of safety of the foodstuff, carried out by the governments of Canada, New Zealand and Australia;
- ГОСТР of 51705.1-2001"Systems of quality.Quality management of foodstuff on the basis of principles HACCP. The general requirements»
- Project  «About requirements to meat and meat products, their manufacture and a turn»;

In the majority of the countries of the European union, introduction of the given system carries a binding character caused by the law.

The basic advantages at introduction of the system based on principles HACCP:
- Control possibility on all chain of manufacture;
- Trust increase to safety of production;
- Rational management of dangerous factors;
- Transition from correcting actions to precautionary measures;
- The uniform approach to safety;
- Creation of conditions for international trade;
- Presence of documentary proofs of control and observance of legislatively established requirements;
- The prevention of negative situations in the region of safety of foodstuff.

Experts of institute had been analyzed experience of foreign countries on working out and introduction of systems of safety by manufacture of foodstuff, and also regulating documents and experience of the Russian enterprises in the field.

The System HACCP-MEAT which was created for acknowledgement of productive functioning of the systems based on the analysis of risks and an establishment of critical control points at the food enterprises has been as a result registered.

The system of voluntary certification HACCP-MEAT is registered in Federal agency on technical regulation and metrology, registration number of the certificate № РОСС RU.Д092.04ХМ00.

In April, 2008 byRostehregulirovanie expanded area of distribution of System HACCP-MEAT:
1. Agriculture, fishery:
1.1. Animal industries;
1.2. Fishery, fish culture and granting of services in these areas.
2. Hotels and restaurants:
2.1. Activity of restaurants and cafe;
2.2. Activity of bars;
3. Activity of dining rooms at the enterprises and establishments and delivery of production of public catering.
3.1. Foodstuff, drinks and tobacco:
4. Manufacture of foodstuff, including drinks and tobacco.
4.1. Cars and the equipment:
5. Manufacture of cars and the equipment for manufacturing of foodstuff, including drinks and tobacco products.

Certification in system of voluntary certification HACCP-MEAT

In April 2008 the Body on certification of HACCP has acquired the right of carrying out of certification, to conformity to the standard of ГОСТРИСО 22000-2007 «System of management of safety of foodstuff. Requirements».

The head of body on certification: Alexander Stepanenko

It is possible to address for more detailed information:
Ph.: +7(495) 676-3529
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- Department of standardization, certification and quality management systems

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