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Tuesday, 21 May 2024

The test center

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The test-expert center of monitoring of quality and safety of food production of VNIIMP

The test-expert center (TEC) of monitoring of quality and safety of food production of VNIIMP

The basic direction of work - quality assurance and safety of food production, food raw materials, forages for animals and potable water. The organization and management of works on tests are carried out according to GOST R ISO/IEC 17025-2006 «the General requirements to competence test and calibration laboratories».

In divisions of the test center the most modern methods of researches are used and the qualified experts having higher education, scientific degrees and experience in the given field of activity work.

Periodically (1 time in three months), are held practical seminars on improvement of professional skill of laboratory workers (microbiological, physical and chemical, histologic tests, etc.) with certification of the established form.

The experience which has been saved up by scientific institute throughout 76 years of work, allows to approach in a complex to the decision of the complicated questions at examination, both meat, and other foodstuff.

TEC VNIIMP regularly participates in carrying out of complex checks of trade enterprises and public catering establishments together with Department of the consumer market and services of Moscow, trading inspection, conducts arbitration researches of samples of food production on indicators of quality and safety in a direction ROSTEST - Moscow, trading inspection, the Moscow state inspection on quality of agricultural raw materials and food production.

Our advantages:
- Quantitative definition GMO (there is an accreditation of Rospotrebnadzor).

Revealing of forged production by following methods:
- A histologic method;
- Revealing of DNA of various kinds of animals and a bird;
- Revealing vegetative днк (a soya, corn);
- Departure of employees for sampling;
- Prolongation of shelf live (there is a permission of Rospotrebnadzor);
- The express analyses sharply reducing time of carrying out of microbiological researches (till 3 days).

The area of accreditation of the test center contains following sections:
1. Foodstuff and food raw materials (production meat, dairy, fish, baking, масложировой, a confectioner's shop, sugar, винодельческой, крахмалопаточной the industries, food concentrates, production of beekeeping, etc.);
2. Public catering production (semi-finished products and culinary products of meat, fowl, dairy, fish, vegetable, крупяные, confectionery, flour, first and second dishes, sauces, drinks, etc.);
3. A forage for pets (a flour fodder an animal origin, a flour fodder from fish and seafood, canned food);
4. Disinfectants (test for the purpose of registration for application in the meat industry);
5. Washouts;
6. An establishment of working lives.

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