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Friday, 14 Jun 2024

The North Caucasian branch VNIIMP

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The North Caucasian branch VNIIMP of V.M.Gorbatov has been created in 1964 (according to the order of the State committee on the food-processing industry at the State Planning Committee of the USSR № 198) as a part of All-Union scientifically - research institute of the meat industry of the Ministry of the meat and dairy industry of the USSR.

Grigory Rudakov was the first director of branch.

More than 25 years (with 1971 for 1996) the North Caucasian branch were headed by Nikolay Mamonov.

At various times in branch laboratories leading experts of meat branch worked: T.Jurchenko, P.Reshetnikov, L.Ignatenko, O.Kazbanova, L.Barteneva, G.Shilov.

Many years the branch specialized on the decision of the problems connected with primary processing of cattle, processing and conservation of skins, gathering and blood processing, manufacturing of canning container.

Now the North Caucasian branch independently, or together with departments and laboratories of VNIIMP of V.M.Gorbatov and other organizations conducts scientifically, developmental and experimental works:
- On perfection of technology and means by manufacture of meat and meat products;
- To working out of new kinds of quality production, specifications, standards, specifications and other specifications and technical documentation;
- On introduction in the industry of results of finished research and developmental works,
- Under the decision of questions of economy of manufacture and efficiency of introduction of new technics and technology;
- Concerning marketing and the information.

Within 5th years (about 2006-2010) the branch was a coauthor on problems:
- System engineering of complex monitoring and control of the maintenance of toxic substances in meat products;
- Working out of regulations for the enterprises of the meat industry of the Rostov region for processing of meat raw materials with the raised maintenance of heavy metals;
- Studying of meat efficiency and quality of meat of pigs of new breeds and crossbreeds, horned cattle of different directions of efficiency;
- Studying of expediency of use of a water extract fungus at Manufacture of functional meat products;
- Research influence of barriers on indicators of quality and safety of half-smoked and boiled-smoked sausages under production conditions;
- Study a combination of macro-and micronutrients and secondary resources, agribusiness management of their farm animals to feed

North Caucasian branch took part in working off of the compounding included in the project new GOST R 16351-2007. Experts of branch had been developed experimental batches of sausages half-smoked on offered compounding in various covers.

Besides, for the given period by experts of the North Caucasian branch it has been developed seven standards of the organizations on manufacture of sausages boiled, sausages, sausages half-smoked, boiled-smoked, products meat boiled, boiled-smoked, fifteen specifications and technological instructions to them (semifinished products from meat and an offal, semifinished products from meat of geese products from pork, beef, birds boiled and boiled-smoked, sausages, moist, pastes, culinary products, changes of specifications on canned food for animals, semifinished products meat), recommended norms of an exit at a boning and trimming pork in accordance with GOST R 53221-2008 for sausage and semimanufactured manufactures.


The director of North Caucasian branch VNIIMP.
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