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Wednesday, 29 Nov 2023

The book «Intestinal manufacture»

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Sidorova E.V., Sus I.V. Intestinal manufacture.

In the given work theoretical and practical bases of processing of the intestinal raw materials, including hitherto separated and sometimes the little-known data, given modern researches and practical decisions are stated. The book urged to render the practical help to workers of intestinal, sausage manufacture and other industries which use intestinal raw materials.

In work data on an anatomic structure of a gastroenteric path of agricultural animals are stated. The technology of reception, processing, conservation and storage of intestinal raw materials is described. Production technologies of the plasticized and decorative intestinal covers for sausage products are considered. The special attention is given defects of intestinal covers; the information on ways of their elimination is resulted. In work also there are data on use of intestinal raw materials at the meat and perfumery industry, medicine, by manufacture of musical and tennis strings. The questions, concerning designing of intestinal shops and the equipment for processing of guts are considered.

The book is intended for experts of plants of the meat industry, scientists and students of all levels of vocational training.

The price (without the VAT) - 1000,00 roubles.

Concerning acquisition to address - Natalia Shilova, Ph.:+7 (495 676-6521, demands for acquisition to send by fax: +7(495) 676-6851

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