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Wednesday, 29 Nov 2023

NEW! Workshops educational center

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The plan of work of the Educational center created on base and at direct participation of all-union scientific research institute of the meat industry of V.M.Gorbatov, for 2 half-year 2011

Наименование мероприятий Время проведения
Pork cutting under schemes of Canada on September, 7-8th
Technical regulation and conformity acknowledgement in the meat industry 12 – on September, 16th
«New approaches in the organization of manufacture and realization of meat products, including semifinished products. A food of the organized collectives» (the European experience) 19 – on September, 23rd
Seminar on a children's, preventive and functional food 3 – on October, 7th
Food salmonellosis, listeriosis and esherihioz: a condition, problems and decision ways to the Russian Federation
10 – on October, 14th
Seminar on sausage manufacture 17 - on October, 21st
Quality monitoring of quality of production (chemists, tasters microbiologists, histologists, radiologists)
24 - on October, 28th
Seminar of economists, financiers, bookkeepers and experts in rationing of raw materials, materials and work
7 – on November, 11th
Veterinarian-sanitary control
14 – on November, 18th
«Innovations in slaughter, primary processing of cattle, processing of all accompanying products of slaughter: blood, a bone, an offal, fats, guts and etc.»
21 - on November, 25th
«Modern approaches in the organization of manufacture sausage groups of meat products» (the European experience)
on November, 29th - on December, 2nd
Technologies and means of mechanization for meat-processing plants. Economic aspects of activity of the enterprises
5 – on December, 9th

Quality monitoring of quality of production (Chemists, tasters, microbiologists, histologists, radiologists)

12 - on December, 16th

All about manufacture of Meat products (for beginning technologists)

12 – on December, 16th

Note: There may be additions and corrections


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