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Saturday, 20 Apr 2024
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Laboratory of scientifically-methodical works and control-analytical researches

The laboratory «Physical and chemical methods of research» has been created in 1958 in connection with necessity of working out and development of new methods of the research, allowing to develop and apply ways of an objective estimation of quality of meat. Since 2006 and on the present the laboratory carries the name «Scientifically-methodical works and control-analytical researches».

The primary goals of laboratory are:
- Carrying out fundamental and basic researches in priority directions of development of a science;
- An intensification of applied researches and workings out for the purpose of their introduction in meat-processing manufactures;
- Perfection of theoretical and methodological bases of formation and development of biochemical changes of meat in the course of storage;
- The analysis of influence of ecological factors on accumulation of heavy metals in an organism of agricultural animals, for the purpose of possibility of timely diagnostics of their residual quantities in meat products.


The laboratory chief: Natalia Vostrikova, candidate of technical sciences
Ph.: +7(495) 676-9971, +7(495) 676-9126, +7(495) 676-6131
e-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Deputy head of the test center: Tatyana Kotenkova
The main research assistant: Andrey Ivankin, d.c.s., the professor
The senior research assistant: Irina Stanovova
The senior research assistant: Tsareva Gennadevna
The senior research assistant: Dmitry Shved, c.v.s.
The senior research assistant: Konstantin Pavlov, candidate of technical sciences
The younger research assistant: Anna Nikolaeva
The younger research assistant: Andrey Kulikovsky
The engineer of 1 category: Irina Yefimova
The engineer of 1 category: Maria Bushneva
The engineer: Clavdia Petrova
The senior laboratorian: Galina Kulakova
The senior laboratorian: Alena Vostilkina


- Activities
- Proposals for Industry
- Publications

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