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Wednesday, 29 Nov 2023
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Experimental clinic - laboratory of biologically active substances of an animal origin

Experimental clinic-laboratory - recently created (2010) the research laboratory, prosecuting is fundamental-applied subjects in the field of experimental biology and biochemistry.

Spends the works directed on studying of biologically active substances of an animal and a phytogenesis; participates in creation of foodstuff, the forages possessing treatment-and-prophylactic properties, made on their basis. One of division problems - to revive tradition of working out of unique preparations on the basis of the animal raw materials, existing in institute in Soviet period and substantially lost during "reorganization".

In clinic-laboratory the idea of creation of medical preparations on the basis of natural raw materials passes away from studying of the most thin biochemical mechanisms in a live organism, allocation of the biological regulators influencing concrete links of a metabolism, before definition of possibility of application of these substances for updating of infringements in modeling experiments on animals.

For the purpose of a choice of optimum ways of the decision of tasks in view, the laboratory actively contacts to experts of adjacent directions, both in institute, and out of it. A considerable quantity of works together with laboratory of Technology of children's, treatment-and-prophylactic and specialized products, Test center VNIIMP is annually spent, works with laboratory of Technology of prelethal preparation, primary processing and an estimation of quality of raw materials also are planned. Together with pharmacology Institute, baby food Institute researches «on a joint» disciplines – a science about a healthy food and pharmacology are conducted. Our clients are the Moscow state university of applied biotechnology, research-and-production firm "Mobitek Th".

At the disposal of laboratory there is the modern equipment, allowing to spend biochemical and hematological blood tests of laboratory animals, to put modeling, including exchange experiences to conduct research of fabrics of experimental animals for the purpose of studying of cellular and fabric mechanisms of the transformations occurring in an organism. Experts of laboratory have mastered technicians of operational influences on small rodents with which help it is possible to achieve development of various diseases. For example, using model intracerebral hematomas at rats, treatment-and-prophylactic action of special meat and the paste created on original technology together with colleagues from Ukraine has been studied. Results of these researches have shown high efficiency of meat and pastes, in comparison with medical products traditionally applied in this case. On meat and paste patents are received, standard papers are made.


Managing experimental clinic: Liliya Fedulova
Ph. +7 (495) 676-9211
e-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .
The senior research assistant: Boris Manuylov
The senior laboratorian: Anastasia Birjukova
The senior laboratorian: Elta Arashanova
The senior laboratorian: Galina Tolmachyova


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