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Saturday, 20 Apr 2024
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Laboratory of qualimetry and a touch estimation of meat raw materials and finished goods


Laboratory of qualimetry and a touch estimation of meat raw materials and finished goods

In 1966 at institute the unique laboratory in the country of sensory methods of an estimation quality of meat products under the direction of G.L.Solntseva has been created. Experts of laboratory (M.I.Hlamova, G.P.Dinarieva, M.I.Duhovnaja, N.V.Romanova, etc.) in meat branch develop for the first time techniques of selection and preparation of sensory-analysts, methods of the touch analysis with attraction of specially selected tasters. Researches were conducted in laboratory on selection of spices and creation on their basis of domestic flavoring compositions instead of the import.

In 1986 on the basis of laboratory the laboratory «Qualimetry of meat and meat products» - unique structural division in the food-processing industry, under the direction of V.A.Andreenkova has been organized. From the moment of its creation scientific researches in area of qualimetry which were spent in three directions have begun: to databank creation on properties of biological raw materials of an animal origin; to working out domestic flavoring, meat and smoking flavors, and methods of tool control of the maintenance of nitrite, the general nitrogen, a moisture, fat and chlorides in meat products.

As a result of work algorithms of suitability of meat raw materials, consumer properties of finished goods and influence of technological process on quality of production have been created. The engineering specifications on software in which the purposes, the application and procedure conditions supposed at work with a databank of properties of biomaterials of an animal origin are stated are developed. Are created domestic flavors for use instead of import mixes of spices by manufacture of sausage products and the technological instruction on their application is developed.

To the middle 90 financing of laboratory has been stopped.

In 2008 the laboratory «qualimetry and a touch estimation of meat raw materials and finished goods» under the direction of T.G.Kuznetsova has been again organized/ Laboratory is designed taking into account requirements of national and international standards and equipped by the equipment for carrying out of the touch analysis of food production, including multitouch system «electronic nose».



The laboratory chief: Tatyana Kuznetsova, d.v.s.
Ph.: +7(495) 676-9991
e-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
The senior research assistant: Irina Anisimova, candidate of technical sciences
The younger research assistant: Anastasia Bogdanova
The engineer: Anton Lazarev


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