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Friday, 14 Jun 2024

Body on certification of production of food mechanical engineering and test laboratory

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On the basis of VNIIMP works the Body on certification of production of food mechanical engineering and test laboratory. The body has been based in 1997. We can say with confidence that we have a wide experience in sphere of acknowledgement of conformity of the equipment that are always ready to help you at the highest level. For all period of work of our body clients from the most different points of the world, suppliers and manufacturers of the import and domestic equipment addressed to us.

We have defined for ourselves a concrete field of activity connected with certification of the food equipment. Experts of various branches of the food-processing industry work for us, with a wide experience, both in scientific, and in industrial spheres. Directions on which the body on certification has the right to carry out the activity, are reflected in the field of accreditation of the given body and prove to be true the certificate on accreditation.

The area of accreditation of our body includes following names of the equipment: the equipment technological for sugar and starch-treacle industry; the equipment technological for baking, macaroni and confectionery industry; the equipment technological for wine-making, spirit and the alcoholic beverage industry; the equipment technological for canning and food concentrating industries; the equipment technological for oil-lipid industry; the equipment technological for the tea, tobacco, hydrochloric and fermental industry; the equipment technological for the brewing, nonalcoholic and barmy industry; the equipment technological for the perfumery industry; the equipment technological for meat and poultry industries; the equipment technological and spare parts to it for the dairy industry; the equipment technological for processing of fish (except the equipment for transport); Lines of manufacturing of container for foodstuff; lines packing for foodstuff; cars, automatic machines for packing of foodstuff; the equipment refrigerating, including cases, chambers, counters, counters-show-windows, show-windows, the equipment for cooling and frosts of liquids; the thermal equipment; Cars for processing of meat, vegetables and the test (the equipment for machining of products at public catering establishments; the mechanical equipment for public catering establishments; the Equipment for fruit-and-vegetable bases and stocking factories; the equipment for trading enterprises.

Conformity acknowledgement is carried out with a view of:

- Assistance to purchasers in a competent choice of production;

- Increase of competitiveness of production in the Russian and international markets;

- Creation of conditions for maintenance of free moving of the goods on territory of the Russian Federation, for realization of the international economic, scientific and technical cooperation and international trade.

Conformity acknowledgement in territory of the Russian Federation can carry voluntary and a binding character. In 2009 there was an important change in sphere of our activity: the technical regulations «About safety of cars and the equipment» have been entered. Obligatory acknowledgement of conformity is spent only in the cases established by corresponding technical regulations, and is exclusive on conformity to requirements of technical regulations. The form and schemes of obligatory acknowledgement of conformity can be established only by corresponding technical regulations.

With the advent of technical regulations about safety of cars and the equipment there were some changes in the process of certification, there were changes in the list of the equipment of a subject of obligatory certification, new schemes of certification have been entered, introduction of obligatory tests of the equipment in the accredited test laboratories was made. Terms of works on conformity acknowledgement are defined with each client personally; rendered services are subject to payment on the basis of the contract with the applicant.

If it is necessary for you to make certification of your equipment or simply to receive consultation on the questions, concerning quality acknowledgement, address to us.

Concerning certification of production of food mechanical engineering to address to Olga Kozhevnikova by phone: +7(495) 676-6751, an e-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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